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Site Name: Shanty Bay

Location: 27 Bay Street, Shanty Bay, ON, Canada. Parking can change depending on the date and COVID restrictions. Drop off of equipment in the paring lot for the Federal Warf and park else where is recommended. 

Parking Situation: Depeneds on the restrictions. 

Bathroom On-Site: Sometimes there is a porta-potty but during the summer season. 

Site Description: Great entry location with depth varying quickly from 30ft to 100ft+

Special Instructions: Some line is laid under water to follow with the course to different wrecks and suken treasures. 

Images: When uploading images, please put them all in the folder named ALL_SITE_IMAGES to keep them organized and use descriptive names like: shanty_bay_parking_lot.jpg or arabia_bowsprit.png ... THANKS!