Hey Member!

Write an overview of a local dive site for the benefit of other members here.

Example Template

Open this link to view a sample of what we expect or something near to it for a site overview. Sample Page Layout.

Sample Data ...

Title Bar: This should be the name of the Dive Site

You can copy and paste everything below this line and edit in your new document if you like....

Site Name: Name of Site

Location: Include an address as well as any instructions as to how to access the site. Also include restrictions - if any - like times the site opens or closes ... do you need a changing tarp ... etc. Add whatever you think is important.

Parking Situation: Is there free parking, how much does it cost, do you need to park elsewhere?

Bathroom On-Site: Are there facilities for changing, using the bathroom, etc.

Maximum Depth: What is the max depth

Site Description: Tell us about the dive site, what is there to see ... be as detailed as you can.

Special Instructions: What else might be important to know?

Images: When uploading images, please put them all in the folder named ALL_SITE_IMAGES to keep them organized and use descriptive names like: shanty_bay_parking_lot.jpg or arabia_bowsprit.png ... THANKS!