Water has been an integral part of my life since my early childhood. I still fondly remember my first foray into a pool with my uncle at the age of 2. I still remember the excitement of being in and under the water, it was like I had been transported into a different world. 

From there onto high school and university, I spent much of my free time swimming both competitively as well as for leisure. I would snorkel every chance I had on trips down south, but it hadn't really occured to me to take it to the next level and become scuba certified. All that changed on a trip to Cuba in 2010. I went snorkling with one of the locals and it turned out he was a dive master in training. After 15 minutes of conversation, he had me on the phone with his instructor and a few days later I was OWD certified.

After coming home from that trip, I decided I wanted to get involved with diving locally as well. I scoured the internet and many forums for information and research and fortunately came into contact with one of the CANSAC members; Thus began my journey with CANSAC. 

I officially joined CANSAC in 2011, and since then have made many friends, dive buddies as well as accumulated much valuable knowledge, experience and further certifications in diving. Through-out this time I found the help, attitude and support of CANSAC to be invaluable. As such, I was honored to accept the nomination to the position of Safey Director in 2014. In 2018 Arthur became the Treasurer with Don's assistance.

While tropical water diving with colourful reefs and fishes are what most people envision when thinking about scuba, I find the challenge of fresh, cold water wreck diving to be much more rewarding and engaging. To dive a wreck is like turning back time. You get to soar above, beside or even inside a ship decades, if not over a century, old. I find it to be an intoxicating mixture of thrill, breath-taking amazement, intrigue with an occasional dash of eerie! It's truly something that needs to be experienced firsthand.